Fibrum held a VR event dedicated to World Cancer Day

February 4 is World Cancer Day, and in honor of international awareness of the disease, the Russian company of virtual reality Fibrum held a special charity event for the children’s oncology department in the Balashikha Central District Hospital.

World Cancer Day brings together communities and cancer organizations around the world to help spread the word about this terrible disease to a wider audience, and we hope to encourage people around the world to take action to reduce the growing number of cancer cases.

Fibrum decided to hold an event in a children’s hospital to acquaint children with virtual reality (VR). They could experience some of the company’s content from the Desirium platform through several mobile-compatible headsets. It was the day when children could forget about surgeries, chemotherapy and various other procedures and escape to virtual worlds.

However, Fibrum offered not only virtual reality as a tool for entertaining children. The Russian company also played with children in real life, demonstrating that not only virtual worlds can be bright and unique.


Regarding the day, the company said in a statement:

“Fibrum wanted to demonstrate a broader idea of ​​encouraging ordinary people and companies in Russia to create change and be more active in the social activism movement, which is very popular in Western cultures.”

Fibrum was founded in April 2014 by entrepreneur Ilya Flaks. Initially, she began with the creation of durable plastic headsets, similar to Google Cardboard, where the phone allows you to quickly and easily immerse yourself in virtual reality. The company then began developing software before focusing on its own content platform, Desirium VR, which was released on the Oculus Store on September 19, 2018.

The existence of the DESIRIUM VR platform was made possible by an investment of $ 1 million. Currently compatible with Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR, Desirium currently includes more than 15 titles, covering three intensity levels, with support for video games and headsets.

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Fibrum held a VR event dedicated to World Cancer Day

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