Multiplayer competitive cooperative VR-shooter will be available on the Steam platform in May 2019.

One of the largest international VR developers and publishers, FIBRUM reports that Space Ops VR multiplayer team first-person shooter will be available on the Steam platform in May 2019. The game supports several types of VR-systems, including helmets Oculus, Vive.

The new teaser Space Ops VR, created specifically for the announcement, is already available for viewing:

The action of Space Ops VR takes place in the year 2301. A series of energy crises on Earth forced mankind to begin an active search and development of new types of resources in outer space. To escort and provide security on super-long expeditions, an elite military special squad was created, Space Ops, whose recruit is to become a player. First you have to go through the most basic training, familiarize yourself with the available arsenal of weapons and master the movements in the game space, including the use of a unique teleportation system.

The exhausting team battles of recruits and battles with numerous alien enemies will be a real test of strength even for the most experienced player! Private Space Ops will be tested alone, fight shoulder to shoulder in cooperative mode and compete with teams to achieve the highest rank and vocation!

“We are very pleased to introduce Space Ops VR to the gaming VR community and hope to be able to help users experience a completely unique experience of virtual reality battles! The game turned out to be addictive, hardcore and highly competitive, with well-tuned matchmaking on game servers and maximally deployed leader boards for each mode, ”says Evgeny Pidlisny, CEO DEVCUBE STUDIO.

Key features of Space Ops VR:

  • – Hypercompetitive PvP mode with the possibility of fighting in
    1×1 or 2×2 player teams
  • – perfect matchmaking on the game server
  • – Advanced PvE modes, including SKIRMISH and TRIALS (EA +)
  • – basic training in the development of movement in space
    games and weapon handling
  • – separate mode for beginners SANDBOX, allowing
    train alone or in a 1×1 team with a friend
  • – futuristic weapons of several types: kinetic,
    beam and plasma. Let the enemies roast merrily and
  • – grenades, mines, bait and other killer arsenal, from
    which even the most predatory alien will wet
  • – the ability to change the appearance of your character
  • – a unique teleportation technology that can save
    you life at a critical moment

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Fibrum announced a new project SPACE OPS VR

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