With Feelreal VR, a new gadget for VR goggles will be released, which will extend the Virtual Reality in the future by an additional dimension. The face mask allows to detect up to ten different odors, to feel touch and is also compatible with various VR devices. A Kickstarter campaign to support and sell starts on April 9th. The price of the VR mask is $ 199, thanks to a discount for early buyers.

Feelreal VR – Facial mask for smelling and feeling the virtual environment

Already in 2015 Feelreal released a first prototype of the VR face mask, which made it possible to perceive smells in the virtual environment. A Kickstarter campaign was to provide the necessary funding for implementation, but the project failed at the time.

Now comes a revised version of the face mask, which simulates not only smells but also touches in the VR. A total of ten different smells should be available from scratch to simulate, for example, gunpowder or lavender scents. In the future, the next virtual trip through the forests of the Skyrim VR can be a completely new experience thanks to the authentic smell of nature.

Image courtesy: Feelreal VR

In addition to the standard set in the future, however, more odor packages are for sale, which should increase the selection by up to 255 odor options. In addition, the small odor packets are completely harmless to health, since the same materials as in the food industry are used for the production. In addition to the odors, small built-in gadgets, such as coolers and vibration motors for the simulation of wind gusts on the face, heat from the sun’s rays or haptic feedback.

Feel Real-VR Smell Oculus Rift HTC Vive PlayStation VR-PSVR Oculus-go Gear VR

Image courtesy: Feelreal VR

For the VR experience Skyrim, Beat Saber, Ready Player One and Death Horizon as well as the own VR experience Feelreal Dreams has already been promised support, the specially made packages are for sale for 50 US dollars. The face mask supports the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR (PSVR), Oculus Go and Gear VR.

The sale of the hardware should start on 9 April by Kickstarter. Early buyers receive a discount, which costs the hardware with ten odors for $ 199. The regular stand price is $ 299. Reservations are currently available for $ 1 in the official shop.

Feelreal VR: Face mask with smelling function available from 9 April

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