Regardless, Kickstarter makes no guarantees that your campaign will be successful. Some devices become unexpected hits, while others simply cannot get any loyalty from potential investors. Feelreal Inc. This is a company that has tried both sides of this coin. In 2015, the first crowdfunding campaign failed.

Yesterday, Feelreal launched the second on Kickstarter for its VR multi-touch mask, and the results were startling.

The team wanted to raise $ 20,000 USD in 30 days and pretty easily beat this goal. In fact, $ 20,000 was collected during the first hour of the campaign live, and 24 hours later it increased four times to more than $ 75,000.

“We are very grateful to everyone who has already supported our action. With the overwhelming support of our community, we can finally achieve our dream of introducing new sensory dimensions into virtual reality! ”, Says Gary Mostovoi, President and CEO of Feelreal, Inc. in an official statement.

330 supporters have already supported the project, which still has 29 days. In addition to the mask, the set also includes the “Feelreal Dreams” fragrance set, which has nine different flavors: women’s perfume, burning rubber, gunpowder, espresso, rose, burning wood, tiramisu, wood and barbecue. There is also a bonus fragrance – patchouli.

The Feelreal Multisensory VR mask is designed to deepen VR immersion by attaching to the underside of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Gear VR from Samsung and Oculus Go virtual reality helmets. The device is capable of generating various odors, water mist, cold / warm wind, vibrations and shocks, and judging by the success of Kickstarter, there are many VR owners looking to try out these sensations.

Feelreal estimates that delivery will begin in August 2019 for investors. As new news about the device VRcue will inform you about it.

Feelreal Smells Victory on Kickstarter

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