Also planned to release a custom edition.

VRcue loves new technologies that make virtual reality (VR) content even more amazing: from wireless headsets with 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) to devices that simulate warming / cooling or new motion mechanics. The very best help by causing the user’s natural touch. Dexta Robotics recently announced the launch of Dexmo Enterprise Edition’s VR gloves to achieve exactly this goal.

By showing the first prototype back in 2014, the new Dexmo Enterprise Edition glove provides the ability to capture motion and tactile feedback, offering complete freedom of the hand to perform real-world interactions in the digital world. This means that users can sense virtual objects in the same way as their real counterparts, including the size, shape, and stiffness of the specified element.

“Their rotational sensors read the hand movement and recreate a detailed virtual model to keep it in perfect synchronization with the user’s hand movement, allowing them to virtually use their hands,” explains Juxue Tang, product engineer for Dexta Robotics, in a statement.

“When interacting with virtual objects, our mechanism calculates the magnitude and force vector, and the force feedback blocks apply force to the user’s fingertips, which simulates an obstacle that you feel, starting from real objects.”

While controllers, such as the Oculus Touch and Valve Index, seek to create a bridge between game controllers and data gloves, with capture buttons, firing hammers, etc., these controllers also always have a new setting for new users. The Dexmo Enterprise Edition glove does not have a learning procedure, as everyone knows how to use their hands.

“To help VR become mainstream, we are trying to create an interoperability system that is” simple to the point, “said Aler Gu, founder and CEO of Dexta Robotics.

“In the end, we came to very immersive, lightweight, portable Dexmo feedback gloves, with a low threshold of entry. We successfully packed 5 motors, 11 rotary sensors, a rechargeable battery, and a set of control systems into a unified glove body that weighs only 290g and works without wires. ”

The device comes with its own SDK, LibDexmo, Dexmo Enterprise Edition and is compatible with Oculus, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, HoloLens and other VR / AR headsets.

As the name implies, the new edition of Dexmo Enterprise Edition focuses exclusively on business use, for example, in training or in areas such as automotive, architecture, construction, aerospace, health care and more. But these are not just corporate precedents in which Dexta Robotics is interested, and the company hopes to eventually bring Dexmo to the consumer market.

Editions for developers and businesses can be ordered directly on the Dexta Robotics website. To stay up to date with further news, keep reading VRcue.

Feel the virtual world with VR-gloves Dexmo Enterprise Edition

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