The fan version of Spider-Man VR looks very promising.

The latest video from the developer demonstrates the gameplay of the game, which implements its hybrid system of presence in the sandbox in the style of Spider-Man. Physical experience makes player’s hands physical objects in the game world that cannot pass through walls in a ghostly manner, as in most VR applications.

This allows you to crawl along the wall, to which you yourself need to reach, grab the next section of the wall and lift yourself. This is similar to many of the VR systems we have seen, although the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home VR instead used a somewhat tough navigation with a virtual pointer.

More impressive, however, is the demo from nimSony. The player is literally attached to the web, which shoots. This allows you to experience all kinds of crazy physics and fun. At some point, the developer can even slow his descent down, putting his hands on two walls when falling into the gap. In general, it looks like a much freer experience than the same Spider-Man: Far From Home VR.

Of course, this is only a demo, and there are some shoals, but even it is still very impressive. Considering that this experience is made by fans, do not expect that in the near future you will see it as an official VR application based on the Spider-Man universe. However, Marvel’s next step towards VR technology is as ambitious as this.

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Fan-game Spider-Man VR looks better than official

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