First launched for UK users in January, the HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit includes everything players need to start enjoying high definition virtual reality (VR) games. For those who are tempted by the set, HTC Vive has now made the offer even more tempting, offering a free copy of Fallout 4 VR for a limited time.

Every time you buy a HTC Vive Pro starter kit for £ 1,119 GBP, you get a HTC Vive Pro headset, two Lighthouse 1.0 base stations, two 1.0 controllers and a connector for connection. The set also includes a free 2-month trial subscription to Viveport. After activating the Viveport subscription, you will be sent a code for free download Fallout 4 VR. However, the offer is limited and will end on Thursday, March 28th.

HTC Vive Pro first appeared during the CES 2018, followed by the official launch in a few months. The main difference between it and the original HTC Vive £ 499 is that the Pro version comes with two OLED displays, providing a stunning combo image with a resolution of 2880 x 1600. The headset is also equipped with built-in headphones and a chic blue design.

Fallout 4 VR Bethesda was one of the hit titles released during the Christmas period in 2017, receiving high marks from critics, summarizing what we can say:

“Fallout 4 VR is such a big event that you can write about it for hours. Do you want to know whether it is worth spending time on it? The answer is very simple – yes. ”

VRcue will continue to monitor HTC Vive, reporting on the latest Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos and other devices.

Fallout 4 VR comes free with every HTC Vive Pro starter kit.

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