Facebook’s Oculus Quest all-in-one VR headset requires resetting the settings for connecting a new account to the system.

The company has confirmed to us that they are “exploring the support of several accounts for the future.”

“When you start Quest can be associated with a single account Oculus”, – said in a statement on Facebook.

“However, we know that Quest is a headset that people will want to share, so we are exploring the support of several accounts in the future.”

Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014. Over the past five years, the VR team has launched a series of headsets, including Gear VR, Rift and Oculus Go. Eventually, they began to more actively promote the use of the real identity of a person with a headset through their Facebook account. For those who do not have a Facebook account, or those who simply don’t want to use it, Facebook still allows you to sign up for a new Oculus account. However, some applications, such as Oculus Venues, require an account to be linked to Facebook for use.

Oculus Quest is a standalone Facebook VR headset for $ 400, which comes with a pair of touch controllers for more natural control than the cheaper Oculus Go system last year. This brings the Oculus Quest more with a high-quality PC experience, similar to the Oculus Rift. Quest, however, relies on a mobile chipset running a customized version of the open source software based on the Android OS. Oculus Go works on the same Android platform, and we were directed by Facebook to the Go support page, trying to understand how account processing works on the new Oculus Quest. The same mobile app on Android and iOS manages as stand-alone headsets.

“You can only have one account registered with your Oculus Go at any time,” explains the support page.

“If you want to delete an account connected to Oculus Go, reset the settings on the headset and configure it again from scratch.”

Facebook confirmed at their recent F8 developer conference that they are planning another Oculus Connect (OC6) event focused on VR developers. Although we enjoyed VRChat and Rec Room quite a bit on the new Quest headset, Facebook’s social strategy for Quest is still unclear and we will probably see major updates on OC6.

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Facebook “is exploring the possibility of supporting multiple accounts” For Oculus Quest

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