Facebook may have started as a simple social network, but now it is a very technological company, with plans to become competitors of Google and Amazon in the market of voice assistants, which they recently reported.

CNBC announced that Facebook is developing its own technology, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and is likely to be used in a number of products, including Portal video chat speakers and Oculus (VR) virtual reality headsets.

Reuters then received official confirmation that the rumor was credible from a Facebook representative:

“We are working on developing voice and AI assistant technologies that can work with our AR / VR products, including Portal, Oculus, and future products.”

So far, there are no details on how Facebook imagines a voice assistant working in VR, although in addition to this technology, it can plan its own smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo. As for VR, a decent voice assistant can help you search for new video games or specific content on the Internet or simply remind users to leave VR space and finally walk their dog.

In fact, you can use your voice to navigate through the headset using the Oculus Voice feature, which was introduced in 2017. Far from being as advanced as Alexa, Oculus Voice has a limited set of commands that allow users to launch an application or find a specific title. And of course, nobody asked her about the weather, the kitchen recipe, or a bad joke. But one day you can.

If Facebook is going to release more detailed information about its plans for a voice assistant, then the F8 developer conference at the end of the month will be the most appropriate event. Although almost everyone will be much more interested, the official release date for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. Of which, the first received additional games added to its starting list, including Thumper and Bait!

VRcue will continue to report on Facebook’s latest VR and Augmented Reality (AR) plans as the company continues to invest in technology.

Facebook is developing a voice assistant for Oculus

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