Microsoft Assistant General Counsel will represent the company on the XRA board of directors.

Previously, the organization was called the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), today the XR Association (XRA) announced that Microsoft has joined the organization along with the founding members of HTC Vive, Sony, Google, Facebook and Samsung.

Microsoft XRA membership means that Heidi Holman, Assistant General Counsel of Microsoft, will represent the company on the XRA board of directors. Holman spent 22 years at Microsoft, supporting the business interests of augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR) companies.

“We are very excited to work with our industry colleagues to support the XRA mission to promote the safe and responsible development and implementation of XR technology around the world,” said Holman in a statement.

“We are delighted to welcome Microsoft to XRA,” added Elizabeth Hyman, general manager of the XR Association.

“This is an important milestone reflecting the growth of the XR industry, which encompasses augmented, mixed reality and future technologies that have yet to be developed in the rapidly evolving XR space. Microsoft’s advanced mixed-reality offerings, including the innovative HoloLens headset and corporate experience in this area, reinforce the ability of XRA to provide a unified view of the XR community. ”

Microsoft’s main interest in the XR space usually focuses on AR and MR technology, mainly due to HoloLens 2016 release, and then HoloLens 2, which was shown earlier this year. Both headsets are focused on business use. For consumers, Microsoft will release the AR-game Minecraft Earth in a closed beta version this summer. Initially, the experience will be available for iOS devices, and then for Android.

HP with an operating system with a headset based on the Windows operating system. MR also plans to present a professional version in the near future.

On the virtual reality (VR) side, Microsoft was a little more indecisive, not releasing any equipment directly. Instead, she collaborated with companies such as HP, Acer, Asus, Samsung, and Dell to create Windows Mixed Reality headsets. They were not as popular as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, which may be the reason that HP and others have taken the path of a commercial solution.

It seems that Microsoft has joined XRA to expand its product line. In this way, Microsoft will be able to support association policy, advocacy, and corporate leadership.

VRcue will continue to tell the latest XRA news, announcing its future plans.

Facebook Corporation, Samsung and Sony Join XR Associations

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