Epic Games earlier this year introduced $ 100,000,000 US megagrants to support Unreal Engine developers, no matter where they work.

Virteasy Dental, a company that specializes in teaching dental students using a tactile simulator, has just received a grant to help her develop a platform based on Unreal Engine, including support for virtual reality (VR).

Currently, Virteasy Dental uses a 3D HD display with a tactile grip and dental lock. This allows students to sit in the workplace, put on a pair of 3D specifications, and then work on CGI characters to improve their skills. With a grant, Virteasy Dental will continue to develop a VR prototype that will be combined with a tactile device to simulate a drilling process.

“This is an important day not only for Virteasy, but also for tactile and VR modeling in dentistry in general. It’s a huge sign of trust in the growing market for advanced tactile modeling at universities and can offer incredible benefits to both existing and new Virteasy Dental customers, ”said James Mark, Head of Sales and Product Owner for Virteasy.

“By combining our existing tactile skills and software with the power of Unreal, we really will open up the potential for our dental simulator, and all existing clients will benefit from this. In addition, if our developments continue to develop successfully with virtual reality headsets, this could open Virteasy to new markets and make dental tactile modeling more affordable. ”

“The megagrant not only gives us a lot of the necessary finance to use Unreal as our new engine, but also provides us with access to contacts in Epic Games, which were incredibly useful in supporting us to integrate tactile devices and touch in the virtual world.”

Virteasy Dental also hopes to upgrade its simulations and improve them as follows:

  • Light / shadow design for enhanced immersion
  • Updated virtual scene
  • New virtual patient
  • Interactions within the scene (changing the inclination of the dental chair, moving the patient’s light, etc.)
  • Unprecedented virtual patient setup to match the real patient being scanned

As Virteasy Dental continues to expand in VR, VRcue will keep you updated on the latest developments regarding the company’s operations.

Epic MegaGrants Develop Dental Simulator in VR

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