Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney attended the game development conference (GDC) last week. Sweeney refused a full interview, but agreed to answer a question about the VR and AR market.

Sweeney, of course, is the company’s CEO and deals with projects like the Unreal Engine, Fortnite, the Epic Games store, and more. The Epic team created Robo Recall for Oculus Rift and the company’s development tools designed to support the OpenXR specification for cross-platform development. In addition, however, Sweeney’s view of the potential of these markets may be useful for developers.

According to Sweeney:

VR and AR transform the future of entertainment, and Epic invests heavily in it. Most of our investment is the corporate side, where customers all over the world do amazing things to visualize products and do virtual production on film sets and other such things.

I think our recognition now is that we are still – despite many early hopes – in the pilot phase of this revolution, and not in its very epoch. So we invest a lot, but … it will be years before it turns into a market that changes the world for everyone.

But I believe in the future of the world, in which billions of people wear AR-equipment, AR-glasses are their daily lives, and I believe that this is an entertainment platform of the future. And we will be there.

We are very pleased to see that Microsoft announced HoloLens, and all their future AR efforts will be viewed as open platforms. I think this is incredibly important for the future of the industry. AR especially, you are talking about equipment that presents unprecedented visual accuracy – imagine that 8K per person fills your entire field of view – and imagine that sensors constantly record your movement of the face and the world around you to digitize it.

We need very strong privacy protection and very strong guarantees of open platforms and open access to platforms so that we don’t end up in some kind of dystopia of observation that you can see in science fiction.

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Epic Games CEO about AR: We need very strong privacy protection …

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