We have seen messages from many users confirming the problem with the battery compartment of the new Oculus Touch controllers that come with the Rift S and Oculus Quest.

Indeed, the battery compartment is extremely flimsy and disrupts all presence in such intense games as Beat Saber. It was to numerous requests that Facebook responded with a prompt response.

“Oculus Touch controllers have been developed and tested under various game conditions. If at people the cover of the battery compartment flies off during the game, then we recommend that you first check its integrity and not tighten the fasteners too much. If you encounter a problem on an ongoing basis, we recommend that you contact technical support for Facebook. ”

The problem with new touch controllers seems to manifest itself when the controller is firmly gripped during an active game or with a certain movement of the palm over the lid. Not everyone reports a problem, and Facebook recommends, in fact, that people loosen their grip and use wrist straps to feel more comfortable without holding the controller so tightly.

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Does the Oculus Touch battery compartment open? Facebook will solve the problem

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