Doctor Who: The Runaway: Announced interactive VR experience for sci-fi hit series

The British hit series Doctor Who has been broadcast since 1963 and now includes 851 episodes with changing lead actors. Now there is further growth in the sci-fi universe as the BBC announced the interactive VR experience Doctor Who: The Runaway for “selected” VR glasses.

Doctor Who: The Runaway – Announced interactive VR experience for sci-fi hit series

Doctor Who gets his own VR experience, created in cooperation between the BBC and the Passion Animation Studios (known among others for the VR music video of the band Gorillaz).

In Doctor Who: The Runaway, users are invited to board the virtual TARDIS for a joint adventure alongside the 13th Doctor (embodied by Jodie Whittaker). As the champion of the doctor, you’ll be able to assist the inventive serial character with energetic support, while defusing a dangerous situation.

Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who | via: BBC

Jo Pearce, Creative Director of the BBC Digital Drama Team, gives a promising foretaste of the virtual experience:

“In this exciting new interactive story, fans will experience the TARDIS like never before. In it Jodie represents the Doctor with her wonderful performance as always full of warmth, wit and charm. But at the heart of the story are the fans as they plunge into a beautifully animated world. ”

Zillah Watson, head of the BBC VR Hub, also speaks out and talks about the main motivation for implementing a VR adaptation. Accordingly, one wants to carry virtual reality more into the mainstream and the series Doctor Who would be more than suitable for this. Finally, a VR implementation could generate ample attention for the innovative technology, thanks to the enormous reach of the sci-fi universe.

Mathias Chelebourg directs the nearly 12-minute VR work, while Victoria Asare-Archer writes the screenplay. For musical accompaniment Segun Akinola composes corresponding soundtracks.

The VR adventure should appear for “selected VR glasses”. Which platforms it is, is not yet known.

Doctor Who: The Runaway: Announced interactive VR experience for sci-fi hit series

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