Kite’s Tale’s VR tale, created by longtime Disney visual artist Bruce Wright, was featured on SIGGRAPH during a short session.

We were able to see a short three and a half minute staging as part of a presentation at a computer graphics conference in Los Angeles. Kite’s Tale may not be interactive, but it, like all Disney animations, makes you follow your heart and characters in the story, even in virtual reality. The story goes so fast that you unwittingly want to soon see its continuation, which will certainly be.

Flying among the clouds, you will meet two kites – one large red-orange dragon and the other a small puppy. Drawn frames convey most of the kite dog’s personality. High in the sky, a puppy bounces with excitement as he tries to make friends with a dragon. The dragon almost disappears in the sky, but, at this moment, they both get confused.

The VR market is a rude, implacable place right now, and experimental teams like Oculus Story Studios are just memories. Developers like those who work at The Museum of other realities are working to bring all the pieces in virtual reality together and pay VR artists for their work, which otherwise could not get material support.

Kite’s Tale is not an interactive experience that lasts only a few minutes, it is very fragile and can fail, like many other similar projects in virtual reality. Instead, the project combines Disney’s old and new works, adds ingenuity to them, and provides several wide smiles from the audience with its simple kites.

No data has yet been received regarding the public release of Kite’s Tale. But we hope that the owners of the headsets will be able to spend a few minutes among the clouds with these Disney kites.

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Disney’s Kite’s Tale takes on new meaning

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