Last month, we reported that Disney will debut in its next VR animation, A Kite’s Tale, on Siggraph 2019 at the end of July.

Now we have the first details about the project.

A Kite’s Tale is Disney’s second VR animation after debuting on Siggraph 2018. It focuses around two kites. The smaller one shows a puppy who tells his story when he glides through the air. The other is a bigger, more complex dragon. The two initially collide, but ultimately learn to live next to each other.

Our second VR short, “a kite’s tale,” will make it a world debut at @SIGGRAPH 2019! This is a shortcut to the brights of the two kites.

– Disney Animation (@DisneyAnimation) July 12, 2019

“Our second short VR,” A Kite’s Tale “, debuts in the world at @SIGGRAPH 2019! This experimental short film, directed by Bruce Wright, combines hand-drawn animation and the latest VR technology to tell a bizarre story about two kites. ”

The play from director Bruce Wright was made in the style of hand-drawn animation. It was developed as part of the Disney Animation program. The initiative gives employees the opportunity to work blindly. The cycles were created according to the same program.

“Virtual reality has the ability to take us into new worlds of history and touch the hearts of viewers like you never dreamed of,” Wright said in a prepared statement.

“It is a great honor for us to show our film on SIGGRAPH for innovators and artists who shape the future of this medium.”

A Kite’s Tale will be just one of several projects featured in Siggraph’s VR theater. The exhibition runs from July 28 to August 1. While there is no word about a broader release, although Cycles, the first Disney experience made in virtual reality, unfortunately, has not yet been launched on home headsets.

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Disney showed the first information about its VR-animation

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