Disney Research makes a Force Jacket for VR physical contact

Engineers from Disney Research have created a jacket that simulates physical contact with objects inside virtual reality. It is expected to be used in theme parks.

Force Jacket design

The device consists of 26 air chambers connected to a compressor and a pump. The tubes are equipped with solenoid valves for switching between two pressure sources. Depending on the situation inside the virtual reality, the pressure in the cameras changes and allows you to feel the tactile connection with three-dimensional objects. More information about the technology can be found in the documentation.


The speed and power of camera inflation are controlled by special software. To demonstrate the technology, developers presented three test projects. In the first, a person plays snowballs and, due to suddenly swollen chambers, feels blows. In other applications, you can feel a snake wrapping your body or active muscle growth in your arms.

The development of virtual reality involved in Russia. At the end of November 2017, VR Technologies spoke about Full Body Tracking VR technology for transferring movements into VR space.

Disney Research makes a Force Jacket for VR physical contact

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