Discover more about wine using AR!

1- Discover trades through virtual reality! In high school and high school, the time to submit your choices for the next year is fast approaching. However, this choice is not always easy. To help the most undecided, Onisep has proposed to college students in the Occitanie region (southern France) to virtually test several trades using VR headsets! The opportunity for some to discover jobs in an innovative way, and why not trigger vocations in others …

2- Thanks to VR, train at CACES! As time goes by, virtual reality training is developing more and more in companies, and affects all types of sectors. Today, we can see in this video that the VR can be used to train the operating agents to drive forklifts! The principle is simple, just put on a VR helmet to practice the various maneuvers with a trolley, all without fear for the real environment …

3- Learn more about wine? This is possible thanks to AR! When you go to a supermarket to buy wine, it is sometimes difficult to recognize a good wine with a mediocre wine, especially if our knowledge in oenology leaves something to be desired. To overcome this, the company Smartbottle has developed an application in augmented reality to learn more about the origin of the wine! There is a small description, with useful information but also a testimony of the winegrower.

4- When the VR allows to visualize a future project … In the north of Bordeaux, will be installed soon a brand new wind farm, more precisely to Lesparre-Médoc. In order to obtain an overview of the project once completed, Valorem has developed a virtual reality experience that will make it possible to see the complete wind farm. In addition, thanks to the 360-degree camera, you will be able to see the project from every angle and better visualize the final result. Note that there are also 3 videos with multiple angles.

5- Discover the city of Caen 360 degrees! To finish our Sunday article, head to the city of Caen (Calvados) to discover the city and its agglomeration 360 degrees! In this video, you will see tourist sites such as the beach Hermanville Sur Mer, the headquarter in Ouistreham or the marina Caennais. A beautiful invitation to travel! For a better immersion and a better experience, we advise you to watch this video with a VR headset.

And you, what are the videos around the VR / AR that have marked you this week?

Discover more about wine using AR!

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