Discover Massless, the digital pen dedicated to VR!

Every day, many virtual reality accessories are developed by companies and startups to improve the immersion of the user in the world of VR. Today, light on a tool dedicated to creation: a digital pencil similar to the Apple Pencil. Developed by Massless Limited, the pencil of the same name aims to improve the daily lives of VR creators …

Massless, the magic pencil for VR

Nowadays, most VR accessories developed are designed to combat the motion sickness and provide more sensations to the user. However, no accessories are intended to enhance the creation for VR artists. This “anomaly” could be solved very soon, thanks to the English firm Massless Limited. Indeed, she designs an accessory that could change the lives of creators.

Specifically, the pencil developed by Massless has a mode of operation quite similar to the Apple Pencil, namely the ability to interact with the touch, additional tools with long pressure and haptic feedback. The idea of ​​this pencil is to be able to grasp it in the real world and use it in the virtual world, with an interaction with the VR environment. Note that the pen offers 6 degrees of freedom and can be used to manipulate, edit and then create, all in VR.

To work, the Massless pencil has its own tracking system, which can be coupled with the tracking system available on VR headsets for the purpose of using it virtually. Technically, this pencil can also work in three dimensions without virtual reality. Thus, the user is quite capable of using it as well on a tablet as the iPad to control 3D content on a screen, but also in virtual reality. It therefore offers a solid alternative to the competition like Apple.

A tool for professionals

To develop his VR pen, it took $ 2 million to fund research and development. This Massless fundraising event was conclusive, which implies a forthcoming release. However, this project is primarily for artists and professionals, although the general public will be able to buy this product. We only ask to see the result …

For now, no price or release date have yet been announced by Massless. However, the end of the fundraising suggests an imminent release for this revolutionary pen …

Discover Massless, the digital pen dedicated to VR!

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