A remake of the Disney classics from director John Favreau has already stirred the minds of many fans of the studio. Experience is able to bring your favorite characters to life using advanced CG and technology. But did you know that Favreau and his team used VR to make this ambitious project a reality?

The director himself spoke a bit about the process last week. You can see how he talks about this at around 8:45 in the video below.

“Another interesting thing that makes the film look like a live action is that we took all these digital files, brought them to VR,” Favreau explained, “and created this multiplayer game for VR, where the whole team put on a VR headset, and they were able to personally go and view Pride Lands, watch animated performances and install cameras inside VR. It was like we were doing a live action movie in virtual reality. ”

This is quite a unique use for VR headsets. Favreau is of course no new to VR. The director has long been working on a VR narrative experience called Gnomes and Goblins, in which players interact with a tiny creature. We are still looking forward to what will happen with this project. We would also like to see some of Favreau’s VR work on The Lion King, but Disney didn’t say if he would release it or not.

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Director: The film “The Lion King” was made using VR

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