The -owned company announced that the upcoming Oculus Quest standalone headset will be on display at the 2019 Game Development Conference (GDC) and PAX East, and also confirmed its return to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year.

Oculus Quest does not yet have an official release date, the company indicated only a window: “spring 2019”. VRcue expects that the announcement of new items will be held during the F8 2019, just as it happened with Oculus Go a year earlier. In anticipation of the release of new items, Oculus already managed to take it to GDC 2019 in San Francisco next month and PAX East in Boston shortly thereafter.

Although no specific video games were mentioned on any of the events, users still should expect surprises in the store. In a post on his blog, the head of VR Oculus, Neith Mitchell, subtly hinted at a new game called Face Your Fears Turtle Rock Studios, saying:

“With Oculus Quest you will experience more magic than before. She reminds me of the game Zelda, which, when I was a child, provided a sense of awe, surprise and adventure. ”

As for the E3 2019, this means a serious return for the Oculus, which has not had a stand since 2016. The company confirmed that it recently announced the game Asgard’s Wrath from Sanzaru Games and Oculus Studios. More information has not yet been published.

If we talk about Asgard’s Wrath, then Oculus, being at E3 2019, will give a massive boost to VR at the event. And since Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will be absent for the first time in the history of the event, there will be virtually no one to represent VR. With the launch of Oculus Quest, which is likely to occur by the time E3 2019 opens in June, the company will be presenting three virtual reality helmets (HMDs) for demonstration, which are available at retail. VRcue hopes that the company will have an impressive booth.

As soon as Oculus releases additional data on the new product, VRcue will keep you updated with the latest news.

Demonstration stand with Oculus Quest will return to E3

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