Alas, the Daydream platform rarely gets updates from Google. Apparently, the company simply dropped plans to dominate the virtual reality market. However, the corporation is not in a hurry to turn off its project.

Thus, the update for the virtual reality glasses Lenovo Mirage Solo provided the Daydream platform with the ability to enable the transparency mode, and also indicates a possible second-generation device release.

Recall that the virtual reality glasses Lenovo Mirage Solo were originally presented in May 2018 with a cost of $ 399. At that time, they were the best virtual reality solution right up until the moment Vive Focus and Quest were announced. But the main difference was that Google did not develop a new platform, but Oculus and HTC, on the contrary, began to develop content and soon began to lead in this segment.

Now, thanks to the Mirage Solo update, the device has the function of through viewing using stereo camera glasses. Although the announcement of the new functionality took place in September 2018, it still remains in experimental mode. However, it is already available in Beta mode.

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Daydream got transparency mode – VR geek

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