It does not seem that the developer of Dark Souls from Software will make another game on PSVR. At least on the current headset.

Speaking to Destructoid at E3, producer Masanori Takeuchi said Software has no plans for another VR game. Last year, the team released Deracine, an exclusive to PSVR, which was very different from its other counterparts. The players accepted the novelty quite positively, but Takeuchi said that the team really found work with the headset “more limited than expected.”


“This is because when we did Déraciné, the equipment was actually a bit more limited than we expected,” Takeuchi explained.

“We could not fully display and portray what we wanted on PSVR.”

It is true that the limited power of the PS4 has become a strain for some VR developers. The console is simply not as powerful as the PCs on which the Rift and Vive headsets work. Other developers also said the same thing. But they hope that the upcoming PS4 successor will fix this.

“So maybe we’ll wait a bit and see what happens with the PS5 or the next generation equipment, and then we’ll see what kind of performance we can get from this, what we can do with this equipment. Only then will we make a decision, ”Takeuchi said.

He added that he has ideas for new VR games, but they are, in fact, best preserved for future equipment.

Although it’s a shame to hear that there will not be other PSVR games in the near future, we may not have to wait too long for the next headset. Sony is already talking about the PS5, which will support the original PSVR. But there are also a few hints that the company is also working on a new headset. We hope she can come out in the next two or three years. Maybe Dark Souls VR can still visit your consoles in the future.

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Dark Souls Creator: PSVR was “more limited than expected”

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