CROC has developed a BP-model of a chemical plant SIBUR

Virtual Reality Center CROC has developed a digital model of ZapSibNeftekhim, the largest industrial complex of the largest petrochemical company in Russia, SIBUR Holding. The project is located at the junction of the areas of corporate education and industrial process management.

According to a CROC representative from the press release, the model is designed to improve the quality of personnel training, the effectiveness of industrial safety and optimize equipment operation.

The digital model is a visualization of a production complex under construction located in the Tobolsk petrochemical cluster of SIBUR. It recreates production processes, facilities and infrastructure, including the latest pyrolysis unit, the production capacity of various grades of polyethylene and polypropylene. The model will become the basis for the further development of petrochemists’ initiatives for managing the life cycle of enterprises and digitizing production.

Sergey Lyakuev, Head of IT Infrastructure and Communications Development, SIBUR IT, notes the need for such tools for competition in modern conditions:

Digital transformation in SIBUR began a year ago, during which time we have implemented more than a dozen projects, some of which are based on BP technology. The transition to Industry 4.0 requires new visualization tools for the integrated presentation and management of production assets. And the digital 3D-model is the first step towards digital doubles and creating the basis for end-to-end enterprise management throughout the entire production cycle.

At the initial stage, the digital model will be used by specialists of the corporate university during the training of new employees, to solve problems of visualization of production facilities and processes, to be applied in the field of labor protection and industrial safety. As a tool for a comprehensive look at the enterprise, a digital model will help develop evacuation plans or prove useful in the exploitation of industrial assets to optimize production chains.

In the future, the software and hardware complex will be needed for a wider range of ZPSibNeftekhim digital transformation tasks. Combining the model with the data of production management systems (Manufacturing Execution System, MES) and resource management (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP), process control systems, video analytics and IIoT will allow you to get the most complete information about the state of production assets and track the interaction of various processes and devices. For example, with its help you can monitor the operation of wearable devices and monitor production personnel.

CROC has developed a BP-model of a chemical plant SIBUR

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