Chapter on VR products: Rift is waiting for an update

A blog post from Oculus co-founder and head of the VR product Nate Mitchell promises big announcements in the coming months.

Last week we reported on links to “Rift S” listed in the Oculus code, which described the method of working with onboard cameras and software settings for the headset, focused on tracking the gaze of each user. Rift S can be rated lower than the original Rift. Over the past three years, it has fallen in price from $ 600 to $ 350. However, as Microsoft showed, it is possible the existence of cheaper PC headsets.

The existence of the Rift S is still not confirmed. Meanwhile, is already on the eve of the launch of its $ 400 stand-alone headset called the Oculus Quest VR. We expect Quest to be the focus of at a game developer conference on March 18-22.

Mitchell, however, promises “some surprises in the store.” Also the message says:

“We continue to improve Rift software on an ongoing basis, taking into account your feedback, to improve our existing equipment and create new technologies.”

“New technologies” is a particularly interesting point that can mean something interesting from a corporation to virtual reality.

“Oculus Quest is another milestone on our long journey that is designed to provide absolutely any user with virtual reality. We want to make a real breakthrough — from optics and displays to haptics and more, ”said Mitchell.

The report also says that “87% of Oculus Go owners are new to the Oculus ecosystem.” The future of Oculus Go is unclear, since in a standalone system with a low cost of $ 200, there is not enough 6DoF controller, which is critical for many last few years. However, it is a highly affordable system that works best in the conditions specified. Any improvements in the system can open the way for the headset to a larger market.

VRcue will continue to keep you abreast of events that occur in the world of virtual reality.

Chapter on VR products: Rift is waiting for an update

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