If you wanted to get a wide viewing angle of the PC VR headset,
but could not afford or justify the price of Pimax, the company now offers
The cheaper option is Pimax Artisan.

Pimax Artisan promises 140-degree field of view, resolution
1600 × 1440 per eye and three supported refresh rates: 72 Hz, 90 Hz and 120
Hz It uses LCD panels.

Pimax says headset pricing “starts” with
$ 449 A separate document provided by the company states that the system
Nolo position tracking comes bundled, but it is doubtful
this applies to the offer of $ 449.

It is worth noting that Artisan has full support
SteamVR tracking so you can add positional to this kit
tracking and controllers from Valve Index for about $ 577 extra. Or if you already have
HTC Vive, you can only update the headset by purchasing Artisan and using the available
base stations and controllers.

Pimax plans to launch its own controllers in
for quite some time. At last year’s CES, the head of the company
on operations in the US said that they are likely to be sent to their owners
in the summer of 2019. However, it is already 2020, and this has not happened yet.

This will result in the total cost of Artisan, the base
stations and index controllers
will be about $ 1026, almost as much as a full set of Valve Index. Artisan apparently
conceived as a direct competition to the virtual reality helmet from Valve, while claiming to
wider field of view.

Pimax claims the minimum requirement for Artisan is
this is a GTX 1050 Ti. Same as the minimum specification for Oculus Rift S.
This probably applies to using the headset at 72 Hz or
Brainwarp – Pimax algorithm to display 60 frames per second at 120 Hz
(similar to ASW Facebook and smoothing Valve traffic).

Artisan adds to the long list of headsets available from
Pimax However, we must note that Pimax is famous for its long history.
delays in the delivery of their new products and repeatedly failed to meet deadlines
supplies. Therefore, we recommend caution when ordering. To
To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you treat it more like a
Kickstarter support than ordering a product.

CES 2020: Artisan – inexpensive Pimax headset with 140 ° field of view

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