Having spent its first night of VR games in 2017, GOVR is now keen to offer the residents of Brighton an affordable and inclusive VR experience in a casual cafe setting. Using four VR gaming platforms, GOVR will include video games such as Fallout 4 VR, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, and the award-winning Brighton Loco Dojo. The VR Café will also feature popular game nights, tournaments and GOVR network events.

“When we first included VR events in our program, we noticed that most people had never been immersed in virtual reality before. We were all glad that it was with us that they tried their first VR experience. Since then, people’s appetites for VR have changed a lot. People who come to our events want something more than a quick adrenaline rush. They want something that can really captivate them, ”said Janandrea Manfredi, co-founder of GOVR, in a statement.

“With our VR events, people can not only try virtual reality, but also provide them with a premium experience. The new VR cafe is our opportunity to prove that this market is accessible to everyone and shake it. ”
Brighton’s independent and independent coffee shop Ed Coffee House was opened in 2015. It hosts theater performances, lectures, music concerts and much more.

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Brighton startup GOVR opens VR cafe

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