Europeans will be the first to start training in VR!

It is worth noting that not every video game for the PlayStation VR receives a version in the box. Now, the virtual reality fitness app joins the Box Guard in the form of Sairento VR, The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, Squishies, Smash Hit Plunder and many

other projects. A physical copy of the game will be available in October this year.

Developed by FitXR, BoxVR was presented digitally on the PlayStation VR back in April, and early access to the PC was due out next month. As the name suggests, the game focuses on high-energy boxing gameplay, with players able to choose a workout choice based on their ability to box and the number of calories they want to burn.

Along with 45 choreographic workouts of varying lengths and intensities, BoxVR also offers players the opportunity to try out My Workouts. It allows players to customize their experience by varying the duration and intensity of routine boxing, while the user’s playlist can be precisely tuned: users can choose to accompany their training from 110 included music tracks, covering genres such as rock, pop, dance and hip hop.

“We’re excited to partner with Perp Games to bring BoxVR to a wider audience and hopefully turn many of them into fitness enthusiasts,” said Sam Cole, co-founder of FitXR in a statement.

BoxVR is not a purely single-player experience, the game supports a very interesting multiplayer. So, you can compete with five other people in real time to conduct the same workout together.

Rob Edwards, managing director of Perp Games, said:

“VR has unlimited potential in helping people become healthy and stay that way. “We cannot come up with a better partner than FitXR to release our first fitness game, and we are pleased to present you one of the best training in the world.”

A physical copy of the game will be available as early as October, with the European version coming out first and the North American version shortly thereafter. Or, if you live in the EU and don’t mind the digital version, BoxVR can now be purchased on the PlayStation Store.

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BoxVR fitness app will be available on PlayStation VR

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