Beautiful, creepy and mysterious, but at the same time disappointing Blind.

There are some amazingly creative and new puzzles for virtual reality headsets (VR), and some easily combine gameplay mechanics and rich storyline to attract you. Studio Tiny Bull Studios tried to do the same, and partly it succeeds, but there are times when frustration and confusion interrupt the feeling of playing the perfect quest.

To evaluate the gameplay Blind, you need to understand his story in which you play for a girl. She wakes up in a strange mansion alone, her last memory is that she is sitting in the car, somewhere behind the wheel of her brother. But, for no apparent reason, her vision disappeared.

Like any person blind in real life, the player will have to focus only on echolocation. It is this that opens up a very bright black and white world that can only be seen with the help of noise. There are two types of it in the game: stationary and dynamic. The first is the crackle of a radio or a clock tick. The second player creates himself, touching or intentionally throwing objects.

The whole procedure not only adds to the atmosphere of complete blindness, but also allows you to solve complex puzzles. This system has both advantages and disadvantages, which arise because of how some areas work. To begin with, first you need objects in order to at least somehow navigate in space. Over time, the game will provide you with a cane, and this need will disappear. However, it is worth losing a cane, as the whole gameplay is reduced to throwing objects on the floor to determine your location.

As for the puzzles themselves, Tiny Bull Studios really did a good job creating a diverse mix of puzzles. There is some discrepancy between some earlier and later puzzles, where there are one or two solutions that are vague and confusing. At the same time, other later puzzles seem rudimentary and too direct. You would think that a video game that uses echolocation would require it for each puzzle, but it is not. With Blind, the situation is completely different for some unknown reason.

Remember that being blind in the game, you can go blind from a sharp blow. So, when trying to find another puzzle and irritation, do not rush to hit the cane on the floor too much.

Although the echolocation system is not a unique phenomenon, it allowed the studio to collect a truly amazing experience. The game has about 4 hours of gameplay, while it is clearly felt that the ideas for puzzles towards the end of development slowly came to an end. Fortunately, the story is interesting enough to support motivation throughout the story.

VRcue puts Blind! 4 blind puzzles from 5.

Blind Review: Blindness is not a sentence – VR geek

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