Ubisoft presents after Escape The Lost Pyramid his second title for VR-Arcades in the universe of Assassin’s Creed by developer Ubisoft Blue Byte. The virtual escape room takes players back to ancient Greece as it’s known from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to join forces with friends for a 60-minute challenge.

Beyond Medusa’s Gate – Ubisoft Introduces New Escape Room Game for VR Arcades

In Beyond Medusa’s Gate, two to four players dive into ancient Greece to explore a mysterious cave around the Argonauts legend. According to legend, in an Aegean coastal cave, the fabulously fast ship Argo is hidden to attract brave adventurers. But after entering the disastrous realm, players are faced with numerous challenges to find their way out of the dangerous virtual environment in 60 minutes.

To solve the virtual puzzles, the teams need to work together cooperatively and show teamwork, communication skills, and precise timing. In addition, the problem-solving competence and creativity of the players is being put to the test.

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Unlike real escape rooms, virtual adaptation is designed to provide capabilities that would be impossible under realistic conditions, as Cyril Voiron, Executive Producer of Blue Byte’s Ubisoft Escape Rooms explains:

“We do not want to make things possible in VR that you can do in real life. The first thing we do in the VR experience is to give the players a torch. “

Also Benedikt Grindel, Managing Director of Ubisoft Blue Byte speaks promisingly about the new VR experience:

“The level of immersion in Beyond Medusa’s Gate is amazing and will make players feel like they’re really part of the game. Our goal at Ubisoft’s Escape Games is to revolutionize the LBE industry and make Virtual Reality accessible to a wider audience. “

Similar to the predecessor, various avatars with customization options are available. A total of six different characters can be selected according to their own preferences to face the challenges. With typical accessories of the ancient Greek time, these can then be adapted.

We have already tried out the predecessor Escape The Lost Pyramid and can make a clear recommendation. We may be curious if the new title also meets or even improves the standards.

Beyond Medusa’s Gate will be available on May 7 in Europe and the US in various VR Arcades playable. In Germany, the game is offered, inter alia, in Dusseldorf, Berlin and near Frankfurt.

A detailed list can be found on the official website.

Beyond Medusa’s Gate: New Escape Room Game for VR Arcades by Ubisoft

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