Like virtual reality (VR) and cool games like Beat Saber and Onward? If you live in Europe – preferably not far from Belgium – then pay close attention, because GameForce, the largest game exhibition in Belgium, together with R.A.V.E.N. , a virtual reality specialist, announced the Belgian Virtual Reality Championship, where successful players have good chances to win and get € 2,000 EUR in prize money!

In the Belgian championship will be presented both of the above-mentioned VR-project, while Onward is a team-oriented competition, and Beat Sable is exclusively for single players. For a first-person shooter, only teams of three will be accepted with four qualifying qualifying competitions, where the best of each qualifying team will be selected for the GameForce finals.

The team that wins the competition in Onward will receive a cash reward of € 850 euros, while the team that takes second and third places will win € 400 and € 250, respectively.

For the Beat Saber game, players will need to set the highest score in one of four places. The best player from each location in the game will be invited to the largest game exhibition in Belgium GameForce, which will compete for the winner’s crown and the top prize of € 350. Players who take second and third places will receive € 100 and € 50 for the trip home.

Both tournaments are open to all players and teams. Commands on Onward must be registered here. Players participating in the Beat Saber may register in advance, but this is not necessary, they may simply appear in certain places. Places for qualifier events:

  • 31/08: Westland Shopping Center – Anderlecht
  • 07/09: Shopping Gent Zuid – Ghent
  • 14/09: Woluwe Shopping Center – Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe / Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
  • 21/09: Anspach Shopping – Brussels

For those who live in the UK and want to demonstrate their skills at Beat Saber, do not forget about the charity tournament Beat Master Tournament, which is held in 2020 and where registration is not yet completed!

Downpour Interactive’s Onward is still in early access, but has already gained great popularity among the VR community, this game has already been included in a number of tournaments in VR games, such as Oculus and ESL VR League Season 3. The popularity of the game Beat Saber continues to increase, the full release of the game took place in May, the level editor and support for Oculus Quest were also added to the game. And also soon more licensed songs will be added to the game.

VRcue will continue to cover VR tournaments in all regions of the world, as well as make regular news releases about the latest events.

Belgian GameForce and R.A.V.E.N. will hold a VR tournament starting next month

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