Video game debuts on mobile platform

The developer of virtual reality (VR) Survios got a fairly intense year with some major games, but this means that he did not forget to keep previous projects updated and relevant. Until now, Oculus Quest has been one of the largest releases for the consumer market, and Survios has supported the headset when running from Creed: Rise to Glory. Today, another project from the studio’s back-catalog comes out on a stand-alone headset, the Electronauts DJ experience.

Released less than a year ago for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, Electronauts is a DJ experience with a twist, no turntables. Instead, Survios created the so-called “musical reality engine”, offering players a way to remix popular tracks from various musical genres without any skills. This allows players to experiment at their own pleasure, and they will always be configured and synchronized.

With two sticks in hand, like a composer, the game gives players a massive array of sound change options to choose from. Recording loops, sequences, layer filters and much more (there are even musical grenades), the player can twist and distort over 40 songs from 50 artists in different genres, such as EDM, hip-hop and dubstep.

“Survios managed to do what a few VR developers did to provide a hat-trick of quality games that should be in everyone’s library. Electronauts combines an amazingly sophisticated, but completely simple gameplay design along with some of the best dance tunes from around the world, making the video game much desired by gamers. ”

From the list in the Oculus store, Electronauts seems to support cross purchase support between the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Quest, which is good news if you already have a game. The listing shows the launch date of June 6, although at the time of writing the article the video game was not live.

On the horizon from Survios are two exciting projects, The Walking Dead Onslaught, the official VR experience with its own franchise-based original story. And Battlewake, a pirate themed battle experience, expected in the summer of 2019. As more information is released, VRcue will let you know.

Become a DJ with Oculus Quest and Electronauts

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