The Subpac tactile audio vest is great for diving into the world of Beat Saber. Attention, this is a limited device.

Subpac offers physical audio feedback for a range of events. In fact, this is the vest that you put on your torso. Tactile receptors located around the body allow you to physically experience virtual reality. In Beat Saber, for example, you will feel a drum hit or a wave of bass at the moment when you cut another pixel cube with your lightsaber. The limited edition VR vest features a Beat Saber logo.

The kit sells for $ 299 / £ 299. This is the same price as the regular S2 system (although it currently sells for $ 249). The kit will be released in one batch, so you should hurry up with the purchase. Subpac’s VR vest works on virtually all virtual reality helmets, including PSVR and Quest.

Back in February, it was reported that Beat Saber and Subpac teamed up to help deaf people play a music game. You can see the VR vest in action in the video below. In a press release, the companies claim that they may continue to collaborate.

Recall that players are still waiting for the update with 360-degree levels that were seen on E3. Most likely, such levels will be available only on Quest, but the developer of Beat Games reports that he is experimenting with other types of levels for other platforms.

Beat Saber Limited Edition Vest Already Available

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