Today, Beat Games has announced that its CEO, Jaroslav Beck, is leaving this role and is being replaced by the original co-author of the game, Vladmir Grinkar, as the new CEO responsible for Beat Saber.

However, Beck does not leave the company, but instead uses this opportunity to reorient himself to create music for the game and pursue “future opportunities” as his main passion. The news is a bit surprising, but it makes sense. Beck was the creator of the original game’s soundtrack and is a key force that helped make Beat Saber the viral sensation she became. Having the duties of a general director is likely to significantly shorten his time for making music. Initially, Beat Saber was created by Greencar and his partner Jan Ilavsky.

Beat Saber recently received a great new music bandle, Imagine Dragons, previously – the Monstercat music package, K / DA Popstars from League of Legends and much more. They even work 360 degrees.

Most of what makes Beat Saber popular is its modulation and tuning.

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Beat Saber CEO leaves to focus exclusively on music

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