Beat Film Festival and Tinkoff together with the Multimedia Art Museum present the exhibition “VR: New Laws of Art. Presented by Beat x Tinkoff ”- four works created in virtual reality by modern artists, including Marina Abramovich and Anish Kapur. The festival’s VR program will become part of the museum’s exposition, occupying an entire floor of the building, and its lecture by the leading European curator, Daniel Birnbaum, will open.

As part of the VR program, Beat Film Festival will present Acute Art showcase – the world’s first online virtual art gallery, headed by one of the most respected European curators Daniel Birnbaum. New digital technologies are changing the language of contemporary art – and in many respects thanks to Acute Art, which offers artists, among them Marina Abramovich, Olafur Eliasson, Jeff Koons, the opportunity to experiment with virtual reality. The results of these experiments will be shown for the first time in Russia. Such a large-scale demonstration of complex interactive work on 30 devices was made possible thanks to technical support from HTC VIVE, the creator of premium virtual reality helmets, and MSI, the world leader in the production of computer equipment for professionals and gamers. Great gonzo Studio, a leading Russian studio specializing in projects using virtual and augmented reality, will ensure the smooth running of the VR exhibition for 18 days.

In the program “VR: New laws of art. Presented by Beat x Tinkoff ”, which, like last year, was curated by Elizaveta Sivakova, included four works. Abramovich insists that all her work is an exchange of energy with the audience, and she is interested in answering the question of how such an exchange can be carried out in virtual reality. Her VR-experiment of Marina Abramovich “Immersion” is devoted to the problem of climate change and creates a situation of active interaction with the viewer, invariably important for her performances. In the virtual world, we meet with an artist enclosed in a glass cube, and in our power to make a choice that will save her – and at the same time a planet that is experiencing the melting of glaciers.

In his work “Inside Yourself, Fall,” the British artist Anish Kapoor sends us on a journey within ourselves — into the microcosm of the human body. Kapur says that VR technology impressed him with how exactly it can be used to simulate the feeling of falling – and this was the starting point in the work. Together with him, the viewer finds himself in an amazing maze of muscles and capillaries, among the scarlet surfaces of a strange texture and mysterious silvery clouds, very reminiscent of Kapoor’s sculptural objects.

Swedish artist Nathalie Yurberg, working in collaboration with the composer Hans Berg, is known for her eerie dream video installations in the frame-by-frame animation technique. In the project “Everything will end in stars”, the aesthetics of Yurberg becomes even brighter and more convex thanks to VR. Everything will start in a fabulous scary forest, where you need to find a wolf’s house – and what happens next depends on your actions: every turn of the viewer’s head directs the story in a certain direction.

Finally, for German Louise Clement, VR is becoming a space where the animate and inanimate can meet at the negotiating table — and answer each other’s questions. The central theme of the artist’s work is: what does it mean to be a man in a new digital era – and to what degree can we change and improve our bodies while remaining homo sapiens? In the work of Aporia, three dummies without faces talk among themselves and communicate with the viewer with the help of artificial intelligence technology. They can learn and lie – and each dialogue will be unique.

As part of the VR program, there will also be a lecture by the curator and art director of Acute Art, Daniel Birnbaum. In his speech, he will consider virtual reality as a phenomenon: how seriously does the art market begin to master the field of immersive digital technologies and why VR is not just a high-tech tool, but a way to deeply explore the nature of art? The date and time of the lecture will be announced later.

“For me, working with VR is a step towards where I started: to be closer to the artists. What can they do with these technologies? What are they capable of? What are their dreams and views? Augmented reality, mixed reality, all types of holograms – all these advanced technologies allow artists to embody their creative vision with the help of new digital media that challenge our fundamental understanding of the concepts of time and space, the boundaries of the possible, ”says Daniel Birnbaum.

Jubilee Beat Film Festival will be held in Moscow from May 30 to June 9. Tickets and more information about the festival program are available on

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