BBC is preparing a VR game on the series Doctor Who

For years, we have said that virtual reality needs content. Now we have spherical videos and the ability to view ordinary movies in virtual cinemas, and the hit games for points go one after another – with marketing support from platforms and media holdings. Even against this background, the news about the BBC Doctor Who project is very important for the market because it attracts many franchise fans.

The BBC today announced Doctor Who: The Runaway, a 12-minute interactive project that will be released “on selected BP-glasses in the coming months.” In the story, you can visit the TARDIS and join the Thirteenth Doctor performed by the charming Jodie Whittaker. The project was developed by the BBC and Passion Animation Studios.

Passion Animation managed to become famous for the spanish format music video “Saturn Barnz (Spirit House)” for the Gorillaz group and the 2D scene of the popular short film “Pearl” from Google Spotlight Stories.

Our BBC VR Hub team created a new experience to help bring virtual reality to the mainstream, and Doctor Who is the kind of show that can encourage more people to try this new technology, says Zillah Watson, BBC Chief VR Hub.

The script “Doctor Who: The Runaway” was written by Victoria Asare-Archer and re-created in virtual reality under the guidance of Mathias Chelebourg, including VR movies such as Alice, Virtual Reality Play ”and“ The Real Thing VR ”. The composer was Shogun Akinola (Segun Akinola), who wrote most of the music of the eleventh season of the series.

BBC is preparing a VR game on the series Doctor Who

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