We were looking forward to Rogan: The Thief in the Castle. This is a great new VR stealth game from Smilegate. The last teaser for the game just came out, but it was not all surprises from the developers.

This short teaser trailer for the game has appeared this week. These are just light outlines of what you see in the E3 showcase on Monday 10 June.

But now it looks quite interesting. Rogan looks visually awesome, and his stealth mechanics seem well-defined. We really like the idea of ​​having to find specific items in order to find guards and divert their attention by turning on the lights. This may be the answer to Thief, whom the VR community is zealously asking to adapt to virtual reality.

You can learn more about the game on its official website.

At the moment, Smilegate promises to release Rogan: The Thief in the Castle in the summer of 2019 on the Oculus Rift and Vive, as well as compatible SteamVR headsets. Definitely worth making it available to the Valve Index. It is worth noting that so far there is no word about autonomous VR headsets.

Recall that Rogan: The Thief in the Castle is just one of the many games that will be shown at E3.

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Awesome VR-game Rogan: The Thief in the Castle pleases with a fresh trailer

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