Digital Catapult, a UK-based digital innovation center that implements initiatives such as the CreativR program, in conjunction with Arts Council England, announced the launch of a 12-week accelerator called Augmentor. Since virtual reality with full immersion and augmented reality are in the early stages of development, they opened the filing of applications for development support for companies.

Augmentor is a 12-week acceleration program offering technical and business mentoring for immersive companies, access to state-of-the-art resources and regular inspections with investors. Ten companies will be selected to participate, helping them adjust their technology and commercially viable business proposals before presenting them to investors for a demonstration in January.

Successful candidates will receive master classes provided by Digital Catapult, as well as partners and mentors, such as HTC Vive, Edge Investments, Remagine Ventures, Station 12 and Mercia Technologies.

“Immersive technologies are increasingly showing enormous untapped potential for business applications, ranging from product development to hazard training in many different industrial sectors,” commented Jeremy Silver, CEO of Digital Catapult. “Unlocking depends on which companies in the early stages introduce innovations in this area, draw their proposals and secure investments. We created Augmentor to provide the skills companies need to approach investors more clearly and to clearly define their market position. ”

“Augmentor has played an important role in supporting new and initial VR / AR startups in the UK,” commented Dave Haynes, director of Vive X Europe. “It was very pleasant to instruct many companies, helping them to prepare for a meeting with their first investors. This led HTC to invest in KageNova last year through our Vive X program. ”

This will be the third Augmentor program launched by Digital Catapult, including the HoloMe self-service platform and the integrated reality capture and digital delivery platform, Reality Zero One. To date, participants have been able to attract more than £ 3.1 million in investment since joining the program, thanks to Digital Catapult’s partnership with some of the world’s leading investment funds.

Applications are now open until September 6 on the official website of Augmentor. will continue to cover the Augmentor program, reporting new updates.

Augmentor Digital Catapult program returns to help in the early stages of VR / AR …

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