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It may be quite obvious, but the rhythm of the game in virtual reality (VR) is quite popular, or rather VERY popular in fact. And, to the delight of all fans of this genre, today Harmonix has confirmed that the version of Audica for the Playstation VR is in operation and should be released before the end of the year.

Unlike the most popular rhythm project at the moment, Beat Saber, in Audica there is no hacking and cutting cubes, instead you are armed with two cannons with blue and orange cartridges. In this game, whether you win or not depends heavily on target shooting per beat, hitting various single and multiple color shaded targets in the soundtrack featuring some of the best musicians in pop and EDM space.

Harmonix plans to include four arenas in the game and a selection of blasters for players, as well as a set of configuration options to personalize the gameplay. There will also be a full campaign mode including over 30 songs:

1788-L & Blanke “Destiny”

· AU5 & Fractal “Smoke”

· Alison Wonderland “I Want U”

· Donna Summer “I Feel Love (Afrojack Remix)”

DJ Fresh ft. Ms.Dynamite “Gold Dust”

· James Egbert “The Space”

· Jeff Allen “Lazerface”

Savant “Splinter”

· Noisia “Collider”

· Zedd & Gray “Adrenaline”

“Audica is a passionate project created by a small team of dreamers at Harmonix who decided to answer one very important question: what is it like to feel like an action movie star with the coolest soundtrack choreographing everything you do?”, Notes by Jess Brzezinski blog manager Playstation.

Harmonix has yet to reveal the exact date, price and list of songs in the version of the game for the PlayStation VR. As soon as this happens later this year, VRcue will let you know.

Audica Rhythm Shooter Launches PlayStation VR in 2019

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