ATTILAN VR platform for rehabilitation with prostheses

Specialists of the Russian company “Motorika” developed the virtual reality platform ATTILAN, which in the game format teaches patients to use prosthetic hands. The project was first presented at the exhibition OTWorld-2018 in Germany.

ATTILAN Features

The platform offers a patient rehabilitation program – exercise complexes for restoring arm muscles. Its implementation in virtual reality and game design helps to maximize the involvement of the user and encourage him to take action.

The platform provides real-time feedback. So the user receives objective information about the quality of movements and their success. In addition, the prosthesis performs the functions of an ordinary game controller. In this way, the user can control virtual reality directly.

In the future, it is planned to supplement the platform with rehabilitation programs for other assistive devices, such as exoskeletons. Moreover, at the exhibition in Germany, not only manufacturers of prosthetic arms showed interest to us, but also devices for restoring the motility of arms and legs.

Prosthetics do not stand still – materials and methods of managing artificial limbs are being improved. For example, “artificial leather”, which was presented by scientists from Pennsylvania, can be regenerated and can be the basis for more wear-resistant prostheses.

ATTILAN VR platform for rehabilitation with prostheses

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