At Walmart you can find a budget VR headset

US retail giant Walmart sells a range of ultra-low-cost VR headsets.

Like most other virtual reality helmets for PCs, they connect to your computer via HDMI and USB. But unlike other PC VR headsets, they do not have 6DoF position tracking. This means that you can rotate your head, but not move.

Cheaper models work at 60 Hz, and a $ 45 model at 90 Hz. They all use cheap, small lenses, so don’t expect high resolution or good sharpness.

All three models come with a USB gamepad, so theoretically you can play any SteamVR game that doesn’t require traceable controllers.

Standalone headsets

The range has two models of autonomous headset. One uses a 1080p display and provides a resolution of 960 × 1080 per eye, the other has the same resolution of 1280 × 1440, which is equivalent to the Oculus Go.

Headsets work on a modified Android OS. App store at the same time received the name Nibiru and is used by various Chinese mobile headsets. Therefore, the available content on Chinese platforms cannot be compared with Oculus or Daydream.

They also work on the 2014 chipsets. This makes such headsets significantly less powerful than other stand-alone devices. Amazingly, the GPU in the chipset is actually an overclocked version of what was used on the iPhone 4S back in 2011. If you think that the average VR mobile graphics are bad, you probably don’t want to use these headsets.

You can control these headsets using the buttons built into the top panel of devices. Or, if it seems tedious to you, you can purchase a special console for $ 20.
What you pay for and get

Although we have not tried them ourselves, it is difficult to recommend buying these headsets, given their probably not very good quality. They are a great example of how a low VR price can help shoppers at least try technology for a little money.

VRcue will continue to keep you updated on budget VR-new products, so stay tuned!

At Walmart you can find a budget VR headset

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