Asgard’s Wrath is one of the most anticipated VR games of the year. Since it was first introduced in February of this year, the game has seemed too good to be true. Sanzaru and Oculus promise a massive 30+ hour adventure RPG epic that encompasses the vast universe of Norse mythology.

In the game video above, you can see a preliminary version of the game from E3 2019. The gameplay was recorded on Oculus Rift S. and warrior-turtle), which are used differently to solve puzzles.

In the game you will also find a large number of battle scenes. Asgard’s Wrath uses a very active and visceral combat system that requires quick reflexes in order to fend off strikes in time and open enemies for counterattacks. Later in the game, Sanzaru told us that other heroes would play very differently.

Asgard’s Wrath will be released this fall exclusively for Oculus Rift.

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Asgard’s Wrath VRRPG: 20 minutes of gameplay

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