Today, Nreal announced the debut of Nreal Light, a consumer AR-point with a small form factor for sunglasses for only $ 499. The manufacturer will begin shipping later this year. nReal also launches a $ 1,199 version for developers. To help teams start creating a virtual experience for nReal, the SDK will be launched in August.

Of all the AR-companies that we have seen recently, nReal is one of the most promising. Model Nreal Light has a 1080p display and is focused on ease of use. During the demonstrations, users watched AR concerts on the tables, broadcast videos on virtual floating screens, played simple games and checked tasks using pop-up calendars.

For $ 499, you get the glasses themselves, which should be connected to a smartphone running Snapdragon 855 or better. However, not all such mobile devices will work, as USB-C is required for DisplayPort output, and there is an application that pre-certifies only certain phones. The list will be available at the end of this year, hopefully before launch.

“Nreal light provides easy immersion in the XR, which allows consumers to take advantage of 5G, including high bandwidth and low latency, to provide an exciting experience almost anywhere,” said Hugo Swart, head of XR, Qualcomm Technologies in a prepared statement.

“We worked closely with Nreal to ensure the compatibility of Snapdragon smartphones and the integration of ecosystems to transform the way entertainment is connected and consumed, as well as to further promote XR to make it the next generation of mobile computing.”

This kind of light and frankly rather stylish design is probably the future of an AR headset, unlike bulky devices. The nReal field of view is reportedly getting bigger by about 52 degrees, which is a step up from the original HoloLens and slightly wider than the Magic Leap One with its 50 degrees.

The consumer version of Nreal Light will begin shipping in limited quantities at the end of this year, but will be mass-produced in 2020.

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AR-glasses Nreal Light for $ 499 will be released this year

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