Anvio, which is in the top 10 largest companies in terms of the number of gaming clubs in the Free Roam VR format, celebrates its birthday and opens its tenth location in the territory of the fashionable cluster in the center of Moscow – the Three-Mountain Manufactory.

Over the past year, the Anvio game arenas have opened in London, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Lille, Yekaterinburg and even Bogota. In the next few months, clubs should open in Berlin, Baku, Tel Aviv, Yerevan, as well as new clubs in two Russian capitals.

The clubs use new Steam VR 2.0 tracking technology, the latest generation HTC Vive Full Kit equipment and HTC Vive 2.0 controllers. In the Anvio games catalog now there are 4 full-fledged games of various genres, designed for teams of up to 4 people, and in the next few months they promise the appearance of PvP mode.

On April 24, the official opening of the new gaming arena will take place, at 15 Rochdelskaya str., Building 29, where Anvio will present the long-awaited release of the new space horror game – Station Zarya.

In the story of this game, players are sent to the distant planet Regulus-5, from where the signal S.O.S. Moving through the space station in combat exoskeletons, simultaneously solving simple tasks and destroying various kinds of creatures that still strive to attack, visitors will have to figure out what happened to the staff.

The game has a beautiful drawing, different types of weapons, the presence of mobile platforms and monorails, tasks at high altitude and the battle with the final boss. In the game it is possible to die in the persistent attacks of monsters, but to recover at this level through respawn.

The opening program of the club includes the work of stylized models and a photographer, a lounge and interactive zones, prizes and gifts from the company, as well as the opportunity to talk with game developers and experience all the advantages of Full-Body VR.

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Anvio VR celebrates the company’s biennium with the opening of its flagship club and the release of a new game.

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