The program of events includes hackathons for schoolchildren, round tables, panel discussions with government officials, scientists and businessmen, networking, as well as a large-scale VR / AR / MR exhibition with the ability to test any solution. The festival is organized by the Foundation of New Forms of Educational Development.

On April 3-5, a hackathon for schoolchildren from more than 40 regions will be held at the Skolkovo Technopark. Participants will develop VR / AR-applications for real technological challenges from the festival partners, including residents of the Skolkovo Foundation. April 6 – summing up and awarding the winners. Visitors to the festival will be able to assess the level of competence of the participants and, perhaps, find a young developer in the team.

Maxim Inkin, Acting Director General of the Foundation for New Forms of Education Development:

“For the second year we have been gathering talented schoolchildren in the framework of the festival of virtual and augmented reality – this time more than three hundred children will arrive. At the moment, children’s potential in the field of software development is used to a minimum degree, while the experience of the Kvantorium technology parks as a federal network shows the high potential of talented young developers who can solve problems from real employers. We are confident that this time the festival will also become the starting point for the cooperation of young programmers and top companies in the industry. ”

On April 6, a large-scale VR / AR / MR exhibition will be open at the Skolkovo Technopark with the ability to test any solution. There will be presented vivid examples of the use of technologies and products that are already introduced into the educational and cultural sphere, the industry. Technology partners will demonstrate the latest software and hardware developments. The talented schoolchildren present their projects at the neighboring stands.

Among the exhibitors are more than 30 Russian and international companies, including residents of the Skolkovo Foundation:

· Antilatency

The team developed the tracking system Alt. The combination of optical and inertial technologies allows you to accurately determine the position of a person and even individual parts of his body.

· TAU Tracker

TAU Tracker is a tool for developers of VR solutions and training systems. It is created on the basis of its own magnetic inertial technology. The company is currently working on a two-hand tracking system and attachment to objects, and the Fullbody version will be available soon.

· VR Concept

The developer of software for creating classes of virtual reality learning technologies. The company’s software, a virtual prototyping tool, allows you to assemble a three-dimensional functional product model using data from CAD, CAE, CAM packages.

· EligoVision

The Russian company, which since 2005 has been engaged in unique developments in the field of virtual and augmented reality, is a priority of the National Technology Initiative. The company’s flagship project at Skolkovo is the designer of the EV Toolbox.

· Varwin (ex. Cyberlit)

The Varwin platform allows you to create virtual reality projects without programming skills. Thanks to the built-in library of 3D objects and the specified interaction logic, working on the platform is as easy as assembling a constructor.

Konstantin Parshin, Vice President, Executive Director of the Information Technology Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation:

The Skolkovo Foundation actively supports the development of Russian technologies for education. Residents of Skolkovo have been piloting projects with Quantorium for several years now and are implementing the most successful of them. The Information Technology Cluster is pleased to present the opportunity for children to try their hand at working with advanced Russian technologies in the realm of virtual and augmented reality, visualization and new media. And an example will be served by adults, successful entrepreneurs! ”

HTC, Samsung, Epson, members of the Consortium of the NTI Center for Neurotechnology and VR / AR, Moscow State University are also participating in the festival. Lomonosov, FEFU, MAI, MSTU. Bauman, ITMO and others.

For groups of more than 5 people, pre-registration is desirable.

You can also follow the festival news on the official pages on VK and Instagram.

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All-Russian festival of virtual and augmented reality will be held in Skolkovo

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