Not sure which Quest games are available on Go? We have a great list for you.

Last week, Facebook announced that several popular Oculus Go / Gear VR apps had been ported to Quest. Although this feature has not yet appeared, we know which games and applications will be ported to Quest. On OC6, Facebook reported that more than 50 applications will arrive on the platform. But it turns out there will be 66.

There are some big names on the list, such as VR debut from Ustwo, Land’s End and A Night Sky from Coastink. But there are some surprising omissions, such as the wonderful Smash Hit game. Fortunately, Facebook reports that over time, it will add more apps and games for the cross-platform port. Also, no signs of Minecraft were seen on the new platform.

Please note that if you want to play these games on Quest, you are not actually buying them through the headset. Instead, you will need to purchase them either on the Internet, inside the headset, or in your companion mobile application using the same account as on your Quest. After the support is launched, you will need to go to the Quest library and switch devices in the drop-down menu.

In addition, some Go games that have since been released on Quest can now be updated for free.

And now we present you a complete list of games for Oculus Go, which you can play on Quest:

  • 3C Wonderland Coaster Ojas VR Studios
  • A night sky coatsink
  • Air Combat (WW2) BabaVR
  • Angest black river studios
  • Art plunge space plunge
  • Athens in VR Lithodomos VR
  • Bathroom Shooting Games ME-ZZ
  • Battle of Kings VR: Mobile Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o.
  • Coaster monster paw
  • CubeRun.VR MirrorVR
  • DRIFT SharpSense
  • Daedalus Vertical Robot
  • Darknet e mcneill
  • Dead Body Falls Black River Studios
  • Death Horizon Dream Dev Studio LLP
  • Deepak Chopra Finding Your True Self WEVR
  • Don’t Look Away Made in Brooklyn Games
  • Escape Now: The Icons Captivision
  • Fear Incarnate Miles Godspeed
  • Fears Nightmare Roller Coaster NetDinamica
  • Forest of Serenity St Giles Hospice
  • Gamers Generations 360Vision
  • Hidden fortune archiact interactive
  • House of Terror Lakento
  • Human Anatomy VR Virtual Medicine
  • In Our Boots Army Game Studio
  • Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light MyDearest Inc.
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality Felix and Paul Studios
  • Land’s End ustwo games
  • MEL Chemistry VR Lessons MEL Science
  • Masterworks: Journey Through History CyArk
  • MetaTable Poker Tinycontent
  • My Virtual Pet VR Immersive Magic
  • Our Solar System Crenovator Lab Corporation
  • PAINT VR Coskami
  • Pirate Shooter Florian Bernard
  • Play With Me C6H8O7
  • Power Hitter Zgame Studios
  • Pyramids Roller Coaster AZAMOKA
  • RelayCars RelayCars
  • Rilix VR Rilix
  • RollerCoaster Legends WarDucks LTD
  • SONAR Sonar360
  • Salvo GO Focus VR Ltd
  • Sea Hero Quest Glitchers Ltd
  • Sisters: A VR Ghost Story Otherworld Interactive
  • Sky Fighter: Training Day 3D Scenica
  • Solar System Fuero Games Sp. z o.o.
  • Space Dodge2 Chesstar Studios
  • Sphere Toon – VR Comic Studio HORANG
  • Tactera e mcneill
  • The Missed Spaceflight Samsung Electronics Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • They Suspect Nothing Coatsink
  • Thrill Rollercoasters VDimension
  • Toy Clash 5minlab Co., Ltd.
  • Track Slash Inverse Games
  • Turkey Hunt Lucid Sight, Inc.
  • USAF Special Ops GSD & M Idea City LLC
  • Underworld overlord otherside entertainment
  • VR Basketball CygnisMedia
  • VR Rally FIBRUM
  • Welcome to Virtual Reality TREYTECH SOFTWARE LLC
  • Wheel Rush 3DiVi Company
  • Wonders of the World MATTERvr, LLC.

All Oculus Go apps you can play on Quest

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