One day, fans of the Valve Index, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest will be quite spoiled by the choice of content. When it comes to the latter, Oculus constantly says that it will launch an autonomous headset with more than 50 video games, and the whole list has been revealed.

Quite a lot of these games have already been confirmed over the past few weeks thanks to #OculusCountdown in the company’s blog. But there are some surprises in the store. For example, Bogo, Box VR, Electronauts, Drop Dead: Duel Strike, Guided Tai Chi and Bonfire and some of the new games.

Here is the release list for Oculus Quest:

  1. Angry Birds VR: Resolution Games
  2. Apex Construct, Fast Travel Games
  3. Apollo 11, Immersive VR Education
  4. Bait !, Resolution Games
  5. Ballista, High Voltage Software
  6. Beat Saber, Beat Games
  7. Bigscreen Beta, Bigscreen VR
  8. Bogo, oculus
  9. Bonfire, Baobab
  10. Box VR, Fit XR
  11. Creed, Survios
  12. Dance Central, Harmonix
  13. Dead and Buried 2, Oculus Studios
  14. Drop Dead: Duel Strike, Pixel Toys
  15. Electronauts, Survios
  16. Epic Roller Coasters, B4T Games
  17. Face Your Fears 2, Turtle Rock Studios
  18. First Contact, oculus
  19. Fruit Ninja VR, Halfbrick
  20. Guided Tai Chi, Cubicle Ninjas
  21. I Expect You To Die, Schell Games
  22. Job Simulator, Owlchemy Labs
  23. Journey of the Gods, Turtle Rock Studios
  24. Keep Talking And Nobody, Steel Crate Games
  25. Moss, Polyarc
  26. National Geographic VR Explore, Force Field VR
  27. Nature Treks, Greener Games
  28. Ocean Rift, Dr. Llyr ap cenydd
  29. Oculus Browser, Oculus
  30. Oculus Gallery, Oculus
  31. Oculus TV, Oculus
  32. Oculus Video, Oculus
  33. Orbus VR, Orbus Online
  34. PokerStars VR, LuckyVR
  35. Racket Fury: Table Tennis, Pixel Edge Games
  36. Rec Room Against Gravity
  37. Robo Recall, Drifter Entertainment
  38. RUSH, Binary Mill
  39. Shadow Point, Coatsink
  40. Skybox VR Video Player, Source Technology Inc
  41. Space Pirate Trainer, I-Illusions
  42. Sports Scramble, Armature Studios
  44. The Exorcist: Legion VR, Developer Wolf & Wood, Publisher Fun Train
  45. Thumper, Drool
  46. Tilt brush, google
  47. Ultrawings, Bit Planet Games
  48. Vader Immortal, ILMxLab
  49. Virtual Desktop, Virtual Desktop, Inc.
  50. Virtual Virtual Reality Tender Claws
  51. VR Karts, Viewpoint Games
  52. VRChat, VRChat
  53. Wander, Parkline Interactive

Oculus notes in a press statement that there may be “some changes” on this list until May 21.

Recall that the stand-alone headset will be delivered in two versions: 64 GB for $ 399 and 128 GB for $ 499.

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All 50+ games for Oculus Quest

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