A VR headset coming to the Nintendo Switch?

The world of game consoles is becoming more and more passionate about virtual reality! Indeed, after a recent rumor of an imminent release of Sony’s PSVR 2, here are other rumors that say a lot about the strategy of manufacturers. Thus, it is rumored that the Japanese giant Nintendo plans to integrate the VR very soon to its flagship console: the Nintendo Switch!

A device similar to Google Cardboard

Released in March 2017 to replace the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch is a huge success compared to its predecessor, which was a real commercial failure. To attract even more customers, the Japanese giant is looking for solutions, and yet, according to the recent statements of the group, the RV was not part of it … until recently! Indeed, rumors show that Nintendo is about to release the VR on his Switch …

Concretely, according to the first elements we have, some games of the Nintendo Switch would be the subject of an adaptation for VR! These games would be part of the Nintendo catalog and would be handpicked. In addition, we learn that Nintendo regularly takes part in the activities of a consortium of 13 Japanese companies wishing to develop VR. The Japanese giant would only be present as an “observer”, but it is likely that this partnership gave ideas to the firm.

That’s not all. We also learn that Nintendo has filed a patent application for a VR headset specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch. Thus, according to this patent, this device would work as a mobile VR headset: it would simply be enough to slide the switch in the device so that it switches to VR mode and can offer the game with this technology! Rumor has it that this helmet would be cardboard and build yourself, like the Google Cardboard.

Was the Nintendo Switch already ready for VR?

Even though Nintendo does not openly say it is interested in VR, there are some details that show that the Japanese giant is working on this technology. Indeed, a “VR Mode” was found in the software of the Switch last summer. In addition, some insiders claim that Nintendo released the Switch in 2017 to be able to incorporate virtual reality into the console and games. Case to follow …

For the moment, no additional information has leaked, especially on the price or the release date of this device. However, rumors announce that Nintendo would make an announcement this year at E3!

A VR headset coming to the Nintendo Switch?

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