Nintendo not only trowels and creatively approached the process of creating their own virtual reality device Labo VR Kit, but also provided it with an abundance of games. Today, the company offers you a look at them and how the gameplay will look using cardboard equipment and peripherals.

Labo VR Kit is the cardboard peripherals for the Switch console. There are 64 games in total that are built for this system. However, the most original users can create their own world using Garage VR software.
At what the gameplay will look like on Labo VR Kit, Nintendo offers to look at the video dedicated to the release of the new product:

Recall that the Labo VR Kit will be available on pre-order as a starter kit for $ 40. The complete set will cost the user only 80 US dollars. It contains absolutely all accessories VR Toy-Con. The start of sales is scheduled for April 12th.

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7 minutes of gameplay with the Nintendo Labo VR Kit

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