Next month, the largest video game event in Europe, Gamescom 2019, will take place in Cologne, Germany. For the first time, several studios from the virtual reality industry (VR) will host an event called The VR Games Showcase.

The brainchild of Andreas Juliusson from Fast Travel Games, VR Games Showcase, will feature Carbon Studio, Survios, Neat Corporation, Resolution Games and Cortopia Studios. But it will be available only to creators of media and content (most of the new products at Gamescom are open to the public).

Presented by Perp Games, event attendees can gain exclusive access to the game alongside Fast Travel Games, The Curious Touring Onslaught from Survios, Fast Travel Games, Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency from Neat Corporation and Acron: Attack of the squirrels! from Resolution Games, An Adventure in Wonderland from Cortopia Studios, and The Wizards: Dark Times from Carbon Studios.

“VR Games Showcase” is a concept that I came up with 6 months ago. The VR industry is still young, and the most active VR game studios are relatively small, like us, with the same marketing problems and lack of resources. However, if several studios combined their efforts to share the costs and efforts, I believe that we can provide a real concept of the event with clear value for the creators of media and content! ”Said Juliusson in a statement.

“When I started to turn to this initiative, I was greeted with a great interest not only from the studios, but also from Perp Games, whose investments helped bring it to life. Now, finally, the largest collaboration of the studio in the VR games industry takes place, and the premiere will be held at Gamescom this summer! I hope that we can continue to develop this concept and allow the “showcase of VR games” to grow in the future. This unique collaboration really raises the bar for the marketing of VR games and presence at events. ”

“We truly believe that VR offers players a unique gaming experience, and“ The VR Games Showcase ”is an excellent way to allow players to experience practical immersion in virtual reality and in some of the most exceptional VR games that are being developed.”

VRcue will keep you updated on what’s happening at Gamescom 2019.

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